Will Salisbury,  Sculptor  /   Artist  .....  Born ; 10/9/49, Syr. NY                           

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Recent Work as of 

10/ 21 /14

Muskie Time almost

Muskie almost done

Moonwalkers 4 & 5

Moonwalkers 4&5

 "Tree of Knowledge" 

Installed "Tree"

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                                                       General Works 

A Poem:   "Bystander", "Three crows all aware, explore a tree line seeking, anything else but me." FPS 

                              Wat. Times                       3 Crows  01'               3 Crows   02'

                           Watertown Daily Times                3crows, 3 crows in field, Corvis, Black birds in field, Ravens, 3 Ravens          Karen's 3 Crows, Three Crows

       Toys at Play        3 Abstracts                        Crow for Link 02'a                Dial Figure, an my Hoover

   Toys at Play, Outdoor Sculpture  Abstrast Steel Sculptures, Steel Art                                      

               Copper Gar.       Wax Head             Dreamscape            P. Bunyun       Abstract Fig's              Spurrell Stools

      Copper Sculpture      Wax Gargoyle Head, Gargoyle head     Dreamscape, Wax Sculpture            Spurrel Stools  

          Moose Loose                  Bronze Compass              Bell Tower-2            Toys at Play

                 Toys at Play, Found Object Art

         Midland Ave 73'         Omar Molds 04'       Nic. Partials2       Will at Montoya's

          Will in Syracuse, 3606 Midland Ave. 1973        Plaster Piece Molds    NicPartials0000001.JPG (98689 bytes)  Will At Montoyas Art Foundry.jpg (39990 bytes)

                                 "Tree of  Knowledge"                                      Tower Weathervane on Longrock Is. 

            Tree welding done, 9/27/13                

                      Wood Works

                          T.I.P. Bar job                                       D. D's. Fir Kitchen, Woronoco Is.              Early Funiture

              Fir Bar   Thousand Island Park, Fir and Copper Topped Bar   Douglas Fir Kitchen Cabinets   Douglas Fir Kitchen, Woronoco Island   Old funiture

                             D Spurrell's Cottage                                                    Our Cherry Kitchen Tables

  FirStairway2.JPG (26338 bytes)   FirStairway1.JPG (20956 bytes)        CherryTable3.JPG (146091 bytes)  CherryTable2.JPG (146756 bytes)  CherryTableTops.JPG (151803 bytes)

      Omar,NY              Baird                            Baird Serving center, Mahogany                              Margolis Cottage...

      Drawers    Margoils cottage 2013  Mar. Finished

 Margolis's detail's ........................................................................................................                

Rear Gable detail End Gable Trim Upper Detail Upper2 Upper trim 3 Interior Fir Fir Ladder

            3rd story                    office area              Atkinson Porch   

Upper trim 4  Margolis 3rd floor  Margolis Doors Richard's shelve's     Atkinson Job 

                                                                    An' More odds an end's

         Omar Studio2       Omar Studio            Poetry Book        Old Studio 73'   Omar the Good Dog       Don S.Stairway       Baird Dock

        StudioOmar0401.JPG (137790 bytes)   StudioOmar04a01.JPG (98921 bytes)   The Wallace Stevens Journal   Midland Ave. Study, Clay Studies   Omar the dog   Don S Stairway   Baird dock